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a long few months: part one.

November 20, 2013


WARNING: Today and tomorrow’s posts are text heavy. No fancy-shmancy graphics to go along with these bad boys. Just a lot of story to update my situation.

In my prolonged absence from this blog I realize quite a bit has happened since the last two posts.

From July to September I became increasingly unhappy at my job. I was putting in the hours and doing decent work but it could not satisfy me creatively. I would go in the office every morning, take my chair and edit photos basically from starting time to quitting time. Every week was the same. I would edit photos, assemble them into a brochure and then do whatever changes come my way, all the while working on the next set of photos. We would produce an advertisement for the Chicago Tribune almost every week but those were always template based so it was never an outlet for creativity. On Mondays I would set up and send out an blast to subscribers in Miami, but usually on the previous Friday I did most of the work for setting up the content.