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January 7, 2014


I must have been a good boy this year and Nancy sure was kind to me for it. Up above is a coyote skull that she bought for me for the most recent holiday. She sure is awesome…

Anyway, I took today off of work because it was freezing outside (literally) and I did not feel it was a good idea to stand in sub-zero temperatures for over 30 minutes waiting for trains and buses. I ended up mostly bored all day and then I got a bug up my butt to finally do SOMETHING so the entire day didn’t feel wasted. That something was to take some photos of this-here skull. Fun stuff. Next time I am going to attack it with a flash so that it’s got less grain/noise in all the little details.

Hit the jump for more some tasty Black & White photos.


family portraits.

January 29, 2013


The A-Team. The Kauble Klan. The Motley Crew.

This little photo gig is something I handled over the last holiday break when I was in Ohio. It started when my aunt contacted me one day and told me about her kids’ latest adventure. By the way, the “A-Team” name comes from the names of the family being Ann, Al, Alex, Andrew, Adam and Aric. Anyway, she tells me that she wants to potentially get the kids into some modeling. Tells me all about some agency in Ohio that her friend had used and that her child had made a little bit of cash for doing a few shoots. Sounds good. Sounds golden. My little cousins are good lookin’ kids and they could easily do this. Classic American twerps. Blonde/brunette hair, blue eyes, shit-eating grins. Classic kid stuff.