vinyl wednesday: bring yo’ ass to the table.

July 17, 2013


The Blues. This band has ’em.

Left Lane Cruiser’s album “Bring Yo Ass To The Table” is the pick for Vinyl Wednesday this week.

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before & after: sky and concrete.

June 30, 2013


In my desire to create some new and better content for the blog, I’ve decided to start some new sections. One of those sections is the Vinyl Wednesdays. Another recent idea of mine was to show some of my workflow, from start all the way through to the finish. The first phase of this is showing some photography work of mine and how I “make” an image.

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vinyl wednesdays: move it on over.

June 26, 2013


This week I have a short and sweet selection for ya, bluesman-extraordinaire George Thorogood and his album “Move It On Over.”

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out of commission.

June 10, 2013

I am lacking internet here at home so posting is suspended until that gets remedied. The internet has been out since our move (a week last Saturday) and I have absolutely no clue when we will get it working again. ComCast is total crap and I finally got fed up with them enough to where I canceled our service. We’ll test the waters with RCN and if those are murky as well we’ll have to decide what to do next. Until then, go buy the new Black Sabbath album and rock that shit as loud as possible.

a long fingernail.

May 31, 2013


Here’s a little ditty I made a while back. I was pretty big into Scott H. Biram at the time and this lyric really sticks with me for some reason. I had the idea one day, did a few sketches and then just went at creating it. I took a day off of work to get some of my personal work done and this was created in a few hours just for fun. I found a medical illustration of a heart online somewhere and then used various old-timey printer’s fonts to lay out the text. It’s not a style of design that I normally do but I had a lot of fun attempting it and I feel it came out fairly well.

I’d love to get a few of these screen printed as posters or something but the funds really don’t allow that at this time. Maybe someday…

vinyl wednesdays: kill ’em all.

May 29, 2013


Kill ‘Em All.

What can I say about this album other than that it is amazing from front to back. This is one album I just had to have once I started collecting vinyl. Metallica, and Kill ‘Em All specifically, is one of the reasons I started playing guitar. I will always have the image of James Hetfield holding up the record to some crowd and just tossing it into them and they start tearing at each other to get it. Classic. For me, Kill ‘Em All is the best. No doubts about it.

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