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moving on.

February 2, 2014


Sad news is upon us.

The time has finally come to bring this blog to an end. I’ve been using this blog as a creative outlet since February of 2009 and after 5 years I think it has finally run it’s course. I’ve posted a lot of fun work on here over the years and I am certainly sad to see it go but I am super-duper excited for new beginnings. One bright spot (at least for me) is that I am keeping this blog activated and alive as a nice digital archive. So if there’s something you liked on here, don’t fret. You can come back any time you’d like and check it out all over again.

Now for the reasoning: Due to the fact I don’t post as much as I used to/would like to, myself and Nancy have decided to begin a new blogging journey together. This way we can have an interesting, varied and collaborative blog that is satisfying for both of us. Creatively, nothing will change at the new site. It’s more of the same from me. Photos, design, inspiration and random shit will flow from my fingers to your eyeballs. For those of you who don’t currently check out Nancy’s blog, she has some nice recurring features that offset my weirdness. Her point of view should be a refreshing counterpoint to all the heaviness that I bring to this digital world of ours.

I encourage whoever likes this blog to go ahead and subscribe in whatever way you like to our new blogging home at: Black Curse Creative


a long few months: part two.

November 22, 2013


In my week off I spent a lot of that time working. I had the opportunity to do some logo recreation of a sorority’s crest in vector format and I jumped at it. It paid nice, I got to use my Wacom tablet and I could do it at home during that week off. All was set and seeming good.


a long few months: part one.

November 20, 2013


WARNING: Today and tomorrow’s posts are text heavy. No fancy-shmancy graphics to go along with these bad boys. Just a lot of story to update my situation.

In my prolonged absence from this blog I realize quite a bit has happened since the last two posts.

From July to September I became increasingly unhappy at my job. I was putting in the hours and doing decent work but it could not satisfy me creatively. I would go in the office every morning, take my chair and edit photos basically from starting time to quitting time. Every week was the same. I would edit photos, assemble them into a brochure and then do whatever changes come my way, all the while working on the next set of photos. We would produce an advertisement for the Chicago Tribune almost every week but those were always template based so it was never an outlet for creativity. On Mondays I would set up and send out an blast to subscribers in Miami, but usually on the previous Friday I did most of the work for setting up the content.


out of commission.

June 10, 2013

I am lacking internet here at home so posting is suspended until that gets remedied. The internet has been out since our move (a week last Saturday) and I have absolutely no clue when we will get it working again. ComCast is total crap and I finally got fed up with them enough to where I canceled our service. We’ll test the waters with RCN and if those are murky as well we’ll have to decide what to do next. Until then, go buy the new Black Sabbath album and rock that shit as loud as possible.

memorial day sales: year two.

May 27, 2013


Memorial Day sales, how I love thee. Well, I don’t necessarily like how the holiday has become a corporate feeding frenzy for sales and driving consumerism but that’s a whole other can of beans. For now, I must use these kinds of tactics to secure some new goodies for Naners or myself while our “richness” level is at the low end of the scale. Last year we bought a new TV during Memorial Day weekend (we actually didn’t have one before that) and this year I bought myself a new guitar. Last year’s purchase was intentional, this year’s was not.


pancake day: 2013.

February 12, 2013


Today is Pancake Day (otherwise known as Shrove/Fat Tuesday to you more standard people).

Get down with a short stack, fling a few flap jacks or create some crêpes to celebrate this most beautiful of days. I got up at 5:30 this morning and made Naners and I a batch of pancakes to celebrate. Seriously, best day of the year. Always is.

Didn’t eat ’em for breakfast? Well, smash a stack for lunch AND dinner to make up for your ignorance.