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from the sketchbook: heads.

February 23, 2013



sunday sketch: 01.

January 20, 2013



black and white biram.

September 20, 2012

I installed the Wacom onto the “new” computer last night and while doing that I was thinking about all the projects I want to get started on with it. And then it hit me… I never posted the finalized Biram poster here. Well, here it is… finally. This is the completed version of the very large and detailed black/white illustration. I am starting to think about doing a color variation as well. Not sure about it though.

This poster has taken me (I estimate) around 40+ hours to complete. I know for a fact that the shading underneath the bill of the hat took almost 4 hours alone. That’s a lot of stippling and hatching right there. The letter board was at least 10 hours as well. Just thinking back to when I was working on this makes me remember how much my wrist hurt from gripping the little pen-thing and just staring at the screen for hours on end. I am truly proud of this piece though. It’s a fairly large undertaking for someone who doesn’t consider themselves an illustrator in any true sense and the fact that I finished it to this point really says something about my love for the project and Biram’s all-around badass music.

Anyway, hit the jump for some insane detail shots and to see the final piece.


getting dirty.

July 1, 2012


I finally got around to finishing the second round of Man With No Name prints. Good stuff for sure. Nice and dirty. I just splattered ink all over the linoleum and flattened the paper down. No cares, nice and easy. It all came out pretty awesome. More photos to come later.

linocuts, the man with no name finals: round one.

May 6, 2012

Last weekend I made my first round of “Man With No Name” linoleum cut prints. It took a while to get all the photos uploaded and sorted but here it is. I don’t feel that I need to go into much detail because I explained the process in the previous post and the mass amount of photos kind of show it all for me.



linocuts: the man with no name.

April 26, 2012

So I’ve now been working on this project for almost a year. I still haven’t quite finished the posters (99% complete) and yet I moved on to a new thing under the umbrella of “The Man With No Name” trilogy. This time, instead of doing gigantic posters or something of that nature I went with a simpler idea of taking the main graphic from each poster and turning it into a 9×12 sized, 2-color linoleum-cut print on heavy, colored stock. I kind of underestimated the total costs of the project and the time it would take but it was well worth it. I’m really happy with them and it’s taught me even more about working with lino-cuts.


biram: nearing the finish.

April 4, 2012

The poster is coming along. I put another 4-5 hours into the big info section today. Brutal stuff that murdered my wrist but it’s totally worth it. The poster looks insane and it’s probably 90-95% done. Good things.

Once this poster is done I am going to actually finish the “Man With No Name” posters and start on a set of lino-cut prints from it. Limited edition shit. Gotta get your hands on this stuff. 9×12. Color. Simple. Nifty. Nice. Other adjectives that I cannot think of at the moment.

Keep an eye out for it.