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fonts of the cta: research.

December 29, 2013


I went out a little before the holidays got into full swing and hit up all of the underground CTA train stations in the city for my research of the typeface that used to adorn the lovely walls of our subway system. Up above is a quick sample shot of photos that I took during my quest. I think I ended up finding images of all but 5 letters, 1 of which I already had and 2 more I found while looking at a CTA auction site. Z, X and Q are nowhere to be seen in this subway, at least not down below by the trains. For my second phase I am going to go observe the upper levels of these stations and hopefully I will find some of those letters hidden among the signs and people. It’s highly unlikely because of the rareness of those letters but it’s always wise to be thorough.

the next typeface.

November 30, 2013


I am going out today to begin the first stages of creating my next typeface. It’s based on some old inlaid enamel lettering that can be found in only a few remaining underground CTA stations. I originally fell in love with the typeface after seeing the ampersand over and over as I made my way downtown. Sadly the example above is no longer on the wall. The CTA decided that covering up the classic type with a big ugly Helvetica sign is better than restoring it to it’s former glory. That’s a dumb idea in my book and I want to get a font made before it’s too late.


Anyway, with some luck I will be able to get about 3/4 of the letters that I want today. I am just going to ride to each station that is underground and check it all out. I need a get a bunch of photos to be able to properly recreate this thing and I figured today is as good a day as any to go do it.




Look for updates soon.

a long fingernail.

May 31, 2013


Here’s a little ditty I made a while back. I was pretty big into Scott H. Biram at the time and this lyric really sticks with me for some reason. I had the idea one day, did a few sketches and then just went at creating it. I took a day off of work to get some of my personal work done and this was created in a few hours just for fun. I found a medical illustration of a heart online somewhere and then used various old-timey printer’s fonts to lay out the text. It’s not a style of design that I normally do but I had a lot of fun attempting it and I feel it came out fairly well.

I’d love to get a few of these screen printed as posters or something but the funds really don’t allow that at this time. Maybe someday…

ohio’s finest.

February 12, 2013


T-shirts. Who doesn’t love ’em? I know I do at least.

Up above is a mock-up of some recent graphics I made for my good buddy at Kustom Persuasion. He wanted something simple, classic and involving Ohio. We came up with that. I do believe he is currently working out all the kinks to his manufacturing and distribution for all the various shirt designs he offers. Hopefully it all gets sorted out soon and we can get some new designs rolling off the presses. This specific design started with the “clean” variety shown above and then morphed into a more aged, vintage look. Hit the jump to see the progress that it went through and to see the final graphic.



February 10, 2013


Here’s a little letter I made a short while back. I meant to post it Wednesday but life got in the way.

By the way, I’ll be back to updating Empty Seats this week as well as having some good posts on this blog. Eyes: keep ’em peeled.


January 14, 2013


Bored today on my day off. Made a little graphic in my downtime. Nothing special. Just something that popped into my head. Thinking of getting away.