memorial day sales: year two.


Memorial Day sales, how I love thee. Well, I don’t necessarily like how the holiday has become a corporate feeding frenzy for sales and driving consumerism but that’s a whole other can of beans. For now, I must use these kinds of tactics to secure some new goodies for Naners or myself while our “richness” level is at the low end of the scale. Last year we bought a new TV during Memorial Day weekend (we actually didn’t have one before that) and this year I bought myself a new guitar. Last year’s purchase was intentional, this year’s was not.

It all started with Nancy and I wanting something to do on Sunday so we decided to take a guitar in to Guitar Center to see how much cash they’d offer me for trading it in. I’ve been trying to sell it for a while now with no luck so I thought, “what the hell, I might as well check out my other options” and so we went. I knew they’d have sale items because they are a large retail chain like any other but I really had no intentions of buying ANYTHING, especially not a guitar. Memorial Day is a time when sales are abundant and the cash is flowing free. Summertime does that to people. Get the warm weather and good times flowing and the cash will follow. I should have known better.

Anyway, we went in there the previous week to take a look around and the LTD EC-1000 I’ve been eyeballing for about 2 years now was at its standard price of $849. I had been selling a few things lately to try to come up with the bulk of this cost to be able to afford this guitar at minimal financial risk to me. This time, however, we went in and it was marked down to $699. I felt that I had to pounce. Good job Guitar Center, you suckered me in. I’ve never seen this guitar at this low of a price before and so went for it. I actually had to return home first to return the original guitar I had brought with me (they didn’t offer me enough for my liking) and I had to grab an AmEx giftcard I’ve been holding on to for just this very reason. I rushed back to Guitar Center and walked out a few minutes later with my very own LTD EC-1000 guitar with a vintage black finish.

I actually wanted to buy this very same guitar from my old stomping grounds in Ohio but I knew that the small shop would never be able to give me a discount like this and I was also not sure that the owner even dealt ESP guitars anymore. I gave him a call but he wasn’t open so I had to make a tough decision. I really REALLY wanted to help support his shop as he has always taken care of me and helped me out but I just couldn’t swing it. I had to go big-box chain store in the end.

In the end I got the guitar home, plugged it in and played with a renewed sense of musical excellence. Needless to say I am a very happy camper these days.

*EDIT: Nancy informed me we did not buy the TV on Memorial Day. It must have been Labor Day. Same kind of rampant consumerism applies. We are an equal opportunity holiday exploiter kind of home, I guess.

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