vinyl wednesdays: the beginning.


I’m trying something new here in order to help me get back in the mood of posting. The last few months have been hectic to say the least. Between trips to and from Ohio, dealing with a loss in the family, trying to a find a new place to live, moving (soon) and the general insanity that was work for a while I haven’t found a lot of motivation to post anything. I have found motivation to listen to music… a lot, actually. This is where these new features will come into play. I was thinking of ways to engage my blog a little more and I decided that I should do some weekly features and that the first should deal with the biggest part of my life, music. And since this is the first Vinyl Wednesdays post, why not start with the first vinyl record I ever received?

Way back around 2000 we used to have this little record shop in the town I grew up in. Now, when I say little what I really mean is tiny. Tiny like I’ve edited photos at work of closets that are way bigger. Anyway, I frequented this place as much as possible in its short time in existance and on one of my last trips in there I stumbled upon a big stack of AC/DC vinyl records.

Now, I grew up with AC/DC’s music, I saw them live at the Gund Arena when I was 10 years old and already had numerous CD’s of theirs. I never had any vinyl though. I figured that was my best chance at the time. I think it was $5 or something. I snagged it on the spot. No waffling over this purchase at all. Honestly, I think I listened to it once or twice in the next 11 years or so. Not that I didn’t want to but it was more about having no way to go about listening to it. Oh well, I loved it anyway. I already knew the album front to back so it’s not a huge loss.


To me, the beauty of vinyl isn’t that sweet, “warmth” in it’s sound. It isn’t the large size of the graphics and the general feeling that bigger is better (even though in vinyl’s case it’s totally true) or even the “cool” factor of having actual vinyl records. No, the thing I like, and what drew me to vinyl records, was/is the ritual of it all. I buy albums that are true albums. Ones that you sit and listen to the whole recorded piece. Not just a song or two from each side. That’s what Back in Black by AC/DC is. It’s a true album in every sense of the word. When I get an album these days it’s because I want to get the physical product. I want to stare at all the packaging and I want to just sit there and listen. I used to do that when I was a kid all the time. I can’t even count how many hours I spent up in my room with the doors closed just playing CD after CD from the front to the back. For a while I got away from that kind of listening but vinyl has brought me back full circle.


AC/DC has always been a big part of my life and when I listen to this album specifically it reminds me a lot of my youth. Lots of hours sitting in the backseat of the ’85 Chevy Blazer (that later on became my own) talking to my mom, going to see their concert with my dad and lots of summer days putting on Back in Black, The Razor’s Edge and Flick of the Switch just to end up zoning out to their melodies. Good times. I think Back in Black represents these thoughts and emotions the most though. It’s an incredibly powerful album from an amazing band. To put out this album after their lead singer had just died is incredible. The music on this album just seeps with raw emotion. It’s sleazy, sexy, smooth and downright dirty. In a sense it is AC/DC. That’s why it’s become their biggest album to date and it will be the thing they are remembered for the most.


The design of the jacket and sleeve are amazing simple, which only adds to the power of this record. The simple black cover with embossed wording just screams a group of people that are still mourning a very big loss. The back cover was so simply done that there’s literally nothing to talk about. It’s just the track titles to view. The sleeve is a collage of live images of the band but it’s nothing to really gaze at after a while. This, to me, is what makes this album a classic. It almost forces you to make sure you are taking in the music that’s on the record. Pure genius.

No frills. Not too long, not too short. Nothing fancy here. Just a great album.


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