ohio’s finest.


T-shirts. Who doesn’t love ’em? I know I do at least.

Up above is a mock-up of some recent graphics I made for my good buddy at Kustom Persuasion. He wanted something simple, classic and involving Ohio. We came up with that. I do believe he is currently working out all the kinks to his manufacturing and distribution for all the various shirt designs he offers. Hopefully it all gets sorted out soon and we can get some new designs rolling off the presses. This specific design started with the “clean” variety shown above and then morphed into a more aged, vintage look. Hit the jump to see the progress that it went through and to see the final graphic.


All of the various looks that I gave him for this. Same overall theme/words/look, some more aged than others. I, personally, prefer the first design. I love the clean outline and simple text. Maybe I like it most because I actually enjoy the blue/red combo from the picture above. In any case, he decided on another:


This is not a bad graphic by any means and I’d be pumped to wear it once it gets made. I think that it would be pretty insane looking in some of the weirder color combos that we tried but a nice Earthy-tone on a black or red shirt would be awesome.

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