black and white biram.

I installed the Wacom onto the “new” computer last night and while doing that I was thinking about all the projects I want to get started on with it. And then it hit me… I never posted the finalized Biram poster here. Well, here it is… finally. This is the completed version of the very large and detailed black/white illustration. I am starting to think about doing a color variation as well. Not sure about it though.

This poster has taken me (I estimate) around 40+ hours to complete. I know for a fact that the shading underneath the bill of the hat took almost 4 hours alone. That’s a lot of stippling and hatching right there. The letter board was at least 10 hours as well. Just thinking back to when I was working on this makes me remember how much my wrist hurt from gripping the little pen-thing and just staring at the screen for hours on end. I am truly proud of this piece though. It’s a fairly large undertaking for someone who doesn’t consider themselves an illustrator in any true sense and the fact that I finished it to this point really says something about my love for the project and Biram’s all-around badass music.

Anyway, hit the jump for some insane detail shots and to see the final piece.

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