oh how time flies.

I’ve come to realize that I will never be able to get everything done in a day that I want/need to get done. No matter how hard I try there always seems to be one thing I failed to do on any given day. It’s not necessarily a problem, just an observation.

Recently this has shown itself in the amount of non-work “work” that I get done. I always want to come home and edit photos and make blog posts and just do some generally cool shit. I plan it out at work, I really set my sights on it and then it all goes to shit. I get home, start dinner, eat dinner and then I’m left with a few short hours to do things before I attempt to sleep. Usually, because I’m a nice guy, I try to spend that time with the lady. Unfortunately for the creative side of me that means that the fun photography and design projects get pushed to the side. Now that I realize this issue I’m going to try and find a middle ground. Maybe do a little bit of editing (gotta catch up on a LOT of graffiti stuff) and then hang with the lady.

Other things that have been happening have actually been fun though. I’ve been going out and about the city a bit again trying to find some tags. Recently, the acclaimed street artist ROA stopped by and did a new mural in Pilsen. Now, Pilsen is probably one of my favorite areas of the city and I will take ANY excuse to go there to check stuff out. While it was a really cool piece I later learned about another ROA mural and I just HAD to go and get that one captured for the archives. It was a long couple days but in the end the photos I got are some of the best I’ve taken of graffiti so far. Really neat stuff. Check out some of the looks below.

I’ve also been getting some other tags and murals lately. Some familiar spots, some new, all good.

The above photo is from a wall that is over by Todd’s place in Ukranian Village. It has since been changed and I haven’t made it over there to get it. That’s on my to-do list for next weekend if possible.

I’ve also been busy with actual work. Lots of photos are coming in to the office lately, I have been working on a magazine of a whole shit-load of really excellent listings and that’s supposed to be done within this month. The ball is rolling and I’m just trying to run with it without getting crushed. So far, so good. I also designed a bus bench advertisement for a Chicago realtor. I have yet to see the thing in person but if I ever do I’ll snap a pic and put it up here for sure.

For now I guess I can only leave you with two of my favorite things: graffiti and a pigeon.

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