linocuts, the man with no name finals: round one.

Last weekend I made my first round of “Man With No Name” linoleum cut prints. It took a while to get all the photos uploaded and sorted but here it is. I don’t feel that I need to go into much detail because I explained the process in the previous post and the mass amount of photos kind of show it all for me.


That’s how the first round went down. I got 4 prints of each cut out of it and I’m looking for some takers for them. 9×12 prints. Let me know if you want a set. I’ll be doing another set sometime after we move and they will probably be a bit messier and such. Good things for sure.

Look for them in about a month.

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One Response to “linocuts, the man with no name finals: round one.”

  1. gasper Says:

    Ed these are fucking awesome. I am definitely interested in a set. I’ll be up for dilfest. How can I get in on these beauties?

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