video game goodness.

Around the time St. Anger came out, Metallica revealed they were working on a post-apocalyptic video game featuring vehicles and whatnot. I remember watching the trailer for it and not being super impressed. Then again… I wasn’t very impressed by many games back then and it’s still that way now. I guess it was a sort of “Twisted Metal”-style digital romp and it probably would have been fun enough to rent but it ended up being cancelled for some reason.

At any rate, Nixel Pixel has posted some pretty fantastic concept art from the game made by Calum Alexander Watt and I think it’s highly worth a look. It may get taken down (who knows when dealing with the Metalli-lawyers) so peep it soon. I posted my favorite image from the group, Kirk Hammett with his vehicle, after the jump.

Full set of concept art from the cancelled Metallica video game

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