instagram pile-up: round one.

I’ve feel that I’ve been getting a big stagnant with my photography lately. It’s not a stylistic thing but more of a content thing. I used to take pictures of anything and everything and I loved it. I treated my SLR as a point and shoot while still keeping a higher quality, artistic side to it all. Not quite sure why I stopped getting pics of random shit but whatever. To help solve this problem and reacquaint myself with the simpler (and sometimes more fun) points of photography I’ve started using Instragram. It’s been getting me back into the swing of things and I must admit that it’s quite nice to be able to take a quick photo and not have to worry about editing it before I put it online somewhere. Sometimes the editing side of photography keeps me from taking those simpler, non-amazing subject matter photos. I know I’ll just never get around to editing them. I don’t get paid to edit photos of my everyday life so a lot of the time I just don’t do it anymore.

Well, thanks to the powers of the iPhone and Instagram I bring you my Instagram pile-up. When I get enough decent pics that I feel like sharing then this will be the place to put them out to the world. I’m keeping Empty Seats going by using content that comes from the SLR and the blog will now be home to the cell phone pic-dumps. Simple, effective and oh so beautiful. Hit the jump and take a look at all the crap I’ve been up to lately.

If you like what I have going on up above and want to follow me on Instagram then comment and I’ll email you with my profile name. Truth is… I don’t even know what it is right now so I’ll have to actually figure it out for ya.

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