Super busy with work this week. Between the fraternity stuff from Bruce, logos for a new restaurant in River North, “the Good, the Bad and the Ugly” poster and the flyer above I am just getting smashed. Shit got real this week.

Anyway, up above is what I worked on last night. Took me a while but I think it’s worth it. Got the call this morning about it being used as well. Awesome. That’s two in a row for myself and Branch 27. Pumped with this one too. All original. That’s my own illustration and a font I created with my good pal Lou Barberio. Bringing a little bit of Sweet Lou to Chicago with the use of “Solidario.” This flyer and all that fraternity work is keeping me from working/finishing the poster series so that might be a little longer than I thought before they are ready to view.

Check back tomorrow for the full flyer and some close-ups of the illustration.

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