reflections: october through december.

I figured it’s been almost a month now and I still haven’t finished the review of my past year. Maybe now’s the time…

October started off well. Nice weather, still wearing comfortable clothes and I was still finding new graffiti spots. Good times. Even more good times came in the form of Riot Fest. Tons of music, some mosh pits and to cap it off was Danzig. Awesome. Totally killer time. Nancy and I had no intentions of actually attending any of the festivities this year but Todd was kind enough to hook us up with bracelets to see “X” one night and then later in the week we all went to see Danzig Legacy at the Congress. X was pretty good (neither Nancy or I had never heard them) and Danzig was awesome, of course. We didn’t work at all that Friday, instead opting to drink and eat all day. That’s pretty much all I remember as far as the daytime hours go. We had gyros at Snickers, drinks at Pepper Canister and somewhere else. Nancy eventually met us downtown for more cocktails and then we headed toward the venue, stopping to eat some Mexican food first. Delicious. After that was the concert and it was definitely a good time. It had been a while since I had attended a rock/metal concert of any variety so it was a nice excuse to get violent. In the immortal words of Sweet Lou, “It’s always a good time.”

October was also when I really started to buckle down and focus on the graffiti photos for part one of my All Teeth story. I would go out whenever I had some free time during the week and just about every day on the weekends. The photos were starting to come together and form a good vision of the city’s graffiti writers and crews. In my mind I started putting things together to make the project much bigger than I first imagined. More to come on that later on. I also had a little bit of work from Bruce to finish up. A little design and lots of graffiti travels rounded out the month of October.

November came and went with a breeze. I sat down and really got to work designing the All Teeth story. I had to create my own version of the L-train map, lay out the pages and begin choosing photos. Simple things that ended up taking me about the whole month. Besides that, I didn’t have that much going on. November was filled with lots of graffiti outings, the beginnings of the “Shit Lists” and a few shopping excursions with Naners. Simple things really. Early in the month I got a ticket for riding my bike on the sidewalk (which I didn’t know I couldn’t do). Also, I bought myself a new/used monitor from a dude on craigslist. I needed it badly too. My screen on the old G4 is shot to hell. The brightness just isn’t there anymore and plus the screen acts as our TV. The new screen is bigger, brighter and works pretty well, all for only $80. At the end of the month I went with Todd to his parent’s house for Thanksgiving dinner. It was pretty nice actually as I got to watch football and eat some delicious food all day. The best part about that was me not having to travel to Ohio. Not that I don’t want to see my own family but I just hate going to Ohio. There is absolutely nothing to do and it would have cost some major money that I really didn’t have at the time.

December starts off, like every year, with my birthday. Now, I am not a person who cares about a birthday at all. I find it really pointless to celebrate your ability to live through another year. I mean, it’s not that hard to keep breathing and eat enough to allow your body enough energy to not shut down. Anyway, it came and it went. Simple. I don’t remember doing anything particularly special for it. Nancy and I probably made a pizza or something awesome like that. The middle of the month saw more action in the form of test prints of some “Man With No Name” posters. I finally got the effect that I wanted out of them so I did a few tests. Good things came from that, although I’m still in the process of creating the 3rd and final poster. Laziness, pure and simple.

Last in the month I had a few design bits to work on. Renew Magazine kept me busy mostly but I also did work for Branch 27 here in Chicago as well as other random small things for the workplace. Nothing crazy, nothing to necessarily write home about. Simple things. Things that kept me busy. Good things. The end of the month ended with Nancy and I heading back to Ohio after a little Christmas party at Pepper Canister.

Lots of alcohol flowing that night. Nancy and I took it easy and just enjoyed everyone’s company instead of getting trashed. Back in Ohio I just did the usual family things. Saw the cousins, hung out at my mom’s house a lot and then went to Cleveland. December ended with me seeing Chimaira Christmas 12 and then heading back to Chicago the next morning. Long couple days in Cleveland. Glad to have ended the year on a good, heavy metal note.

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One Response to “reflections: october through december.”

  1. nancytyna Says:

    We definitely had ham on your birthday. Duh.

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