copious amounts of bearditude.

Up above is 3 Inches of Blood and they are awesome. Seriously, how can you not get excited about a band that has that much beard amongst them. They could probably blanket a few homeless people with all that hair.

They have a new album coming out on March 27th titled “Long Live Heavy Metal” and if it’s similar to anything they’ve done in the past then I’m sure I will dig it. I always get excited when I see things like “fans can expect a blast of pure metal assured to leave no face unmelted.” in a press release. I mean, how can that not pump you up? I don’t know… maybe you live in a little pop-music box or something. Maybe you are scared of big, Canadian metal-monster freaks playing searing guitar riffs and screaming like a Rob Halford-possessed banshee. I, personally, love the stuff. I love it so much that I had to stop working at this very moment so I could write this blog post.

Get with the program and purchase the album when it comes out next month, courtesy of Century Media Records.

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