testing it out.

I’ve been using the new Lightroom 4 beta version for a few days now. Trying to learn the new features and such has been pretty fun actually. I don’t normally use Lightroom (although I know how to use it) because it just always seemed like a RAW editor that ran a bit slower than the Bridge or Photoshop RAW editing capabilities. With Lightroom 4 I’ve been converted. I have a problem though… my computer can’t even run the Lightroom beta. It’s too freaking old. I hate it. Issues like this are making me hate my old Mac more and more. I would LOVE to get myself a new one but it’s not that easy. I wish it were but it’s just not. New laptops cost a lot of money and that’s money that I just don’t have right now. So for now I will just continue playing with Lightroom on the iMac at Todd’s studio. Works for me.

I do have some issues with Lightroom though, the biggest one being that you can’t export an edited image to Photoshop with all of it’s adjustments applied to it. Or, if you can do that I haven’t been able to figure it out. For now I have to export a hi-res jpg to somewhere and then open that in Ps. That’s not a good system in my mind. It creates more files, more clutter and potentially kills a smaller harddrive when editing an events-worth of imagery. Whatever though. Most harddrives are pretty big these days and I’ll just delete the JPG’s when I’m done with them anyway. Still… it’s a feature I’d like to see implemented in the future.

As for the things I like, well that’s a lot actually. I read about the missing “recovery” and “fill light” sliders in the RAW settings. I thought maybe I’d miss them but I really don’t. The new setup was fairly easy to navigate and get the hang of and I had all the windows/panels/whatever where I wanted them in a matter of minutes. It’s a really great design by the Adobe people right from the startup. There wasn’t much of a big need to adjust my workspace from it’s original default settings.

Since I never really got too far into Lightroom before I feel like I’m discovering a bunch of these features for the first time. I really REALLY like the “adjustments brush” tool. I use the Nik software a lot for my B/W conversions and they have something similar that I always really admired. To see something like that applied within my RAW workspace is pretty awesome.

For now I’m going to keep playing, keep editing and hopefully find some more useful things within this beta versions. Supposedly all the features aren’t unlocked and it’s not a full program and that’s alright. Not a big deal. I know what the purpose of a beta version is. I just hope they have some more editing tricks up their sleeve because to me it’s just not all that it could be. We’ll see. I’m sure in another few days I’ll have less gripes about it and I’ll be ready to embrace it with open arms.

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