reflections: april through june 2011.

I don’t remember many specific moments from this period of time last year but sometimes little things do reappear stuck in my head. Being out with Jason at his shop, working on some fun little projects, putting up that monstrous paint booth, insulating the shop and some other KP-related days are the memories that still loom from April. It wasn’t an especially busy time for me then. I imagine I was working with Bruce here and there. Not doing too much but not doing nothing. It’s on the cusp of spring but not quite warm in April so it was a lot of building the fire inside the house and wandering out only when I had to. I know I was trying to get out and take photos whenever possible though. Empty Seats was still going strong (much stronger than currently) and I really wanted to keep it stocked with photos. One highlight of this time would definitely be Dilfest, which came and went out just as fast on June 4.

The first significant thing that happened in April was the creation of “Flora.” Jason and I set out to create a really nice custom guitar and we definitely succeeded. I gave him a bit of creative freedom and he pulled out some old-school hot rodding tricks for it’s paintjob and I did the assembly. He just had this idea to create a nice, 60s-70s looking guitar and in the end it has those hints of old mixed with a new sensibility and style. Kustom indeed.

Once he completed painting it and after I assembled it I decided I wanted a guitar workstation to be able to restring, work on and modify all my music gear. It was a bit backwards in my thinking since after I created it I only got to use it maybe 3 times. After I worked on Flora to the finish it wasn’t really needed anymore. Bummer for me. Oh well, did that stop me? Hell no. I, along with my uncle, created a gigantic box that holds everything to work on guitars.

It has a padded platform to hold the guitars and not scratch or ding them, spaces for tools, strings and all that stuff and it even locks up. Too bad it’s like 30-pounds in weight and so damned big it can’t even be stored under a bed. I should have taken some better measurements. Oh well. On to the next project for me.

May finally rolled around and I had taken up a new hobby/craft/skill. May was a time when I didn’t have much else going on with my design so I decided to take up linoleum cutting. I wanted to branch out and see if I could come up with a new illustration technique I hadn’t learned yet and it turned out to be one of my favorites. There’s something calming about having to sit and carve out little lines and patterns in a somewhat-soft piece of linoleum. It became a way to pass the time and keep me busy in a pretty purposeless time.

As May came to a close I began work on a new font which would later (much later) become Vulturous. It started as just a way I was writing some words while working on projects for Bruce and over the next 3-4 months it slowly developed into font. I believe the first words I wrote in that style was “Bruce’s Shit!” I wonder if I have that paper somewhere…

June rolls in with a fury of work as Dilfest gets me busy again. I love going back to Kent and seeing Dave and his family/posse and this was no different. Dilfest 4 was quite the spectacle and, although it’s hard to live up to what Dilfest 3 was, it certainly had it’s moments that made it great. I took something like 1400 photos this past year and I tried to get any angle that I could to make it seem like the greatest event ever held. I hope I made that happen. The photo editing kept me busy for weeks all the way through June.

June was also a time in which I will probably always remember. I started a music project with my grandpa that I figured would be somewhat tedious and boring but it ended up being one of the more rewarding projects I’ve ever done. It all started at my Aunt Nancy’s 50th anniversary of her business about a half-year prior. I offered to record my grandpa playing guitar/singing if they helped me out with some costs of doing it. Well time went on and I slowly acquired the stuff needed to make some recordings and June was when we set out to make it happen. We set up in his garage and just started recording. I think we ran for about 2 hours that day but we got through 16 songs. I recorded all the music and set out back home. Boring old time music I thought but I was wrong. When I finally started editing it and making it sound better through equalizing and everything I realized my grandpa sounded really good and I had just done something kind of special. Our family now has a way to remember him long after his is gone. Crazy. Super crazy actually.

I also took one of my favorite photos so far in June. It was for his album cover. It’s just him standing with his guitar against a building right beside their house but it just works. It looks exactly like I hoped it would and it is a great reminder of that time and those music sessions that we had in the garage.

The rest of June was spent doing production work for the CD’s, editing photos, swimming a bit and just general hanging out. I made 200 CD’s total for my grandpa which they have been handing out and (hopefully) selling in Ohio and Texas. The Dilfest 2011 flickr page was set up at the end of the month and I tried to go into summer being around family and friends as much as possible because plans were starting to brew for the future.

Big plans.

One Response to “reflections: april through june 2011.”

  1. David Wilson Says:

    I like how much you use the word “shit” in all the things you do.

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