reflections: january through march 2011.

Looking back is not something I usually do. Either I’m too busy with what’s right in front of me or I’m looking towards something new or on the horizon. I was just sitting here (downtown Chicago) and I thought about this past year for a second. Then I thought about it for a few more seconds. Finally, I realized just how nutty this past year has been for me. Absolutely crazy by my old living standards. Hit the jump to see a bit of exactly what I’m talking about.


The year started off normally I suppose. The holidays and New Years was spent with people close to Nancy and I. Good times were undoubtedly had by all. Nothing crazy was really going on back in January. The band (Black Curse) was still somewhat functional. Not nearly as healthy as it had been but we still practiced and wrote some killer jams. I remember the start of the year was supposed to bring a whole slew of recording projects for us. I actually did do some recording but that all went out the window when 2/3 of the band ended up pregnant. No more recording, no more practice, no more band. It sucked. I still play those songs on guitar. I still want to continue that band but I see that it won’t happen with the original members. It’s sad really. It was really my only friends in Clyde, Ohio and now we never talk or see each other. Life gets in the way though. It was expected and dealt with.

The winter months weren’t all bad and boring though. Some cool purchases came through my doors. I got a new half-stack amp combo.

It’s simple but effective. I’m actually trying to sell it now, pretty much a full year later. Ha! I also spotted a small but functional toy printing press. I made a few things with it then I had to move on again. I have some more ideas for it but it’s not here in Chicago with me so those ideas will wait. Dave and I printed Black Curse posters (which I’m slowly in the process of handing out) and Jason and I got the first round of Kustom Persuasion t-shirts printed. Productive months but all this “action” was spread out amongst 3 months. Not very awesome by my standards.

Some professional accomplishments were lots of Kustom Persuasion work (branding, shirt design, photography, etc.), Black Curse design and music writing, new portfolio website and small projects that were completed and to top it all off I got to photograph another Dog Days concert. It wasn’t the best setting or conditions for a metal/hardcore show but I was proud with my work when it was completed.

It’s the simple stuff that makes it worth it all in my mind. Things like learning to work with linoleum cutting was really fun and something I’d like to get better at once I have a larger apartment that can house a work station.

Hanging with friends and doing random projects was all I was up to back then. No “real” job. Not a lot of money. Hell, not even a lot of friends to hang with. It was a good time but it was utterly boring and slow paced. I’m really glad that it all picked up eventually and more of that will be detailed in the next post.

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