ten little treats.

Still here and working. Loads of photos to go through lately. Lots of work had to be done. I wanted that space back on my small laptop harddrive. It’s amazing how much space they can cram into a laptop now. My 6-year old Powerbook laptop still hums along nicely but it’s definitely showing it’s age. No more updating it. Can’t even update my iPod. Crazy. I can’t hate it too much though as it still handles almost anything I throw at it, like those photos above. Just a little sample of how the graffiti project is coming along.

I think I am done exploring for the winter. I may go out if I find something awesome but the actual walking around for miles with no real destination is pretty much done. It’s too cold and the old camera won’t hold up out in the snow either.

Hopefully I can get a few more photos up on this blog in the next couple days. Empty Seats is updating all week though so keep an eye over there. Good stuff rollin’ out this week.

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