small update.

I’ve been busy lately. Not super-busy but I have things going on. It’s been a kind of hectic month for Naners and I. We tried to look for a new apartment. I went and looked at a few awesome ones but in the end we decided to stay where we are. We aren’t totally happy with that decision (want more space and such) but it is what it is.

Up above is a test print I did for the “Fistful Of Dollars” poster. I like that one a lot. I’m still thinking and working on the third poster in the series. I have no clue when it will be done but I am hoping for a January finish. I want something simple and iconic for that movie. I have ideas but it’s just getting the time and devotion to finally start the process again.

I think my venturing out looking for new tags is almost over for the season. We had our first significant snowfall last week and I am not really keen on wandering for miles in crap weather. It just doesn’t interest me right now. Hopefully during the winter I will catch up on all the photo editing I need to complete and give a more substantial update on the whole process. Maybe even deliver a walk-through of how I’ve been editing the images. It’s a fairly simple process but some of the techniques I’m still getting used to.

This week I’ll be updating Empty Seats and this blog with a few photos from a recent trip to get some graffiti. It was a beautiful 40-degree day so I had to get out there and get some photos. Check back in a day or two for that.

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