new gear.

I am always on the lookout for new stuff. Not that I necessarily want to buy it but I just like to see what’s out there. Well, this time I bought something.

This past Friday I was a bit bored after I was done working on things and I started browsing craigslist (always a bad idea). I came across an ad for a 20″ Apple Cinema display that I had replied to a few weeks earlier and I figured, “what the hell… might as well try again.” I waited for a little while and got no response so I set out to go home. Of course, once I arrived home I checked my email and the guy had responded. After a few short emails back and forth Nancy and I were on our way to go check this thing out. We arrived at his apartment (it was pretty decent inside) to find a nice, large¬†Rottweiler dog to greet us.

Long story-short: the guy was nice, the screen works, I paid $80 and walked home with a new screen. We needed this thing too. We watch all our TV and movies on our computers (mine mostly) and my screen is getting pretty dim these days. Now we have a much bigger screen for multimedia viewing and I can use it for my photo editing. That part I am really happy about.

Hopefully this thing lasts for a little while and I am able to use it for my next computer as well.

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