graffiti update: five.

I found a HUGE wall of graffiti the other day (you know, when I was out getting the squeeze put on me by the “man”) and the pictures are turning out awesome. So much color still left on those old, dead walls. The one above is from the Pilsen area. I had to get away from Uptown after my ticket so I went out there to see if there was anything new. This is all I found. It was cold and shitty out. Definitely not a great day for tag huntin’ but I was just walking along, smelling the wonderful scent of fried corn in the air and I turned my head right and saw it. I had to get in between these two buildings (I think it was a restaurant and a house) to get the shot. Definitely worth it. I wasn’t too keen on the image at first but once I got down to editing it I finally started to see it’s potential. Such a good tag in a great location. I love wandering Pilsen.

By the way, the way that these photos are edited/displayed/colored is what I’m going for with my All Teeth story. Gritty. Raw. Nasty as shit. Gotta love it when they look like that. Hit the jump to see two more and hopefully I’ll get some more of these up this week. All depends on how busy I get with real work.

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