gettin’ pinched by the fuzz.

I was out riding the bike yesterday, just minding my own business looking for tagged spots and “Woot woot” comes from behind me. It’s the coppers. The man in the SUV has me come over, asks for an ID and tells me “You can’t ride your bike on the sidewalk. I’m going to have to give you a citation.”

Straight up bullshit. I hand him my license, he tells me I need to get an Illinois license, then asks me if I even have a car here, which I reply with “no.” After that he asks how long I’ve been here and I tell him only a few months. He then reiterates that I can’t ride on the sidewalk. See, this is where it’s a bit weird. I see people riding on the damned sidewalks all the time. I had no clue. I told him I didn’t know. How is a person supposed to know that? There are no signs or anything telling me that. There is no bike lane. Anyway, I told him I only had the bike out on some weekends, and honestly it was probably the 6th time I’ve even unlocked this bike from our apartment. Dumb. Just straight-up dumb. He apparently didn’t care that I was new to the area and he wrote the ticket. It did piss me off a little bit but he was at least nice to talk to and I did do the “crime.” But still, should a first riding-on-sidewalk offense really be ticketed? It’s not going to break my bank. It’s 25$ and it doesn’t increase over time and it doesn’t go on any records. If that’s the case, what’s the point in even writing it? Why should I even pay it? Pfft. The dumb part of it all is that I will pay it. I am just that kind of guy.

It wasn’t busy, I had no clue (evident by me riding right by him without a care in the world) and there’s not even a bike lane to be seen on Broadway in Uptown. If you want me off the sidewalk then make it safe to ride in the streets.

Damned cops.

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One Response to “gettin’ pinched by the fuzz.”

  1. MOTHER Says:

    You have got to be kidding… Wonder why they never said anything the year when we were roller blading and biking and I landed on the front of the cop car.???LOL

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