I saw this on this morning. Read through that text up above and find the error. It just makes me feel bad for the youth out there today. I’m sure some young, dumb intern updated that last night/this morning and I hope they feel like an idiot.

In other news… I am going out this weekend in search of more graffiti for the All Teeth project. I’m hoping to have some more pics to upload soon. Keep an eye out.

EDIT: Apparently “reax” is the new thing for news sites to spell out, as I’ve seen it multiple places now. I can’t see how that is better than “reacts” but whatever. Maybe I’m just too old school and like my words spelled correctly.

2 Responses to “ugh.”

  1. David Wilson Says:

    I mean, I know I had Moleskine spelled wrong… but reax!?


  2. MOTHER Says:

    reax???? really??? where’d they go to school….BELLEVUE??? just kidding

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