update on things.

Been super busy lately. Dave asked me to do another photo project for his All Teeth zine and I just finally got around to starting it. Hell, coming up with a decent idea was tough enough. I decided upon photographing graffiti around Chicago. Trying to keep a bit of a theme to it. Not sure how hard that’s going to be. I’m hoping to post some random shots from my escapades, although who knows if I will pull through with that. I found a really nice spot yesterday. A freakin’ gold mine. Good shit for sure. I know there will be at least one photo from that spot in the photo spreads.

Also been working on some freelance stuff for Todd and Bruce. That’s keeping me occupied in the weekdays. Downtown every day, at home every night. Good deal I got goin’ on. I also finally finished up two of three posters for the Man With No Name series I’ve been working on. Hoping to have that third poster done soon. I’d like to get them printed and be able to display them all together. Soon enough I suppose. Anyway, below is a recent detail shot of one of the graffiti spots I came across. Good colors, thick lines. I love it.

Going out on a shoot in a little bit. Going to try and get a photo of some tags south of the Loop.

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