riotfest 2011.


RiotFest. Chicago. Music. Mosh pits. I’m a tad bit late on posting this since it all happened between Wednesday and Friday for us but whatever, better late than never.

Last week, Todd recommended that Nancy and I should go see this punk band named X. He was real pumped for them but couldn’t make it so he passed on the RiotFest wristbands to us. He kept talking them up at work, saying this and that about them but I had still never heard of them. Finally he played some songs for me and I was like, “Yeah, this could be cool.” Well, Nancy and I made our way to the Bottom Lounge on Wednesday night just in time to check out their set. I actually thoroughly enjoyed them. Great guitar playing, classic punk sound, some good beats and they played their whole Los Angeles album. Good stuff for sure. We got home late, we slept, I assumed RiotFest was over for me. Not so.

Friday rolls around and we didn’t do much work. We had a couple meetings and then it was on to some lunch and beverage consumption. Simple, lazy day. I was feeling good about that alone and then at about 5 or 6 or something he decides to have me call up Naners. I do, she comes down. She was a little weary of making the trip downtown at first but once I mentioned possible RiotFest for that night she jumped at the chance. She came downtown and we had some more drinks and then it was back to the office to try to find the wristband that Todd thought he lost. He didn’t, we found it and then we were on our way.

We hopped in a cab toward the Congress Theatre but first stopped and ate some Mexican food. “Meat burrito” is what I ordered. Lots of drinks contributed to that beautiful order of mine. It was really good from what I remember. The chips were good as well. Very hot salsa. Anyway, after that Naners and I headed over to the Congress. I walked right in and she got stopped. Apparently there was a very strict no camera policy and she always has one in her bag so we had to find a way around that.

Sidenote: Why are there no camera policies anymore? Does Danzig and other bands not realize that camera phones have decent video and photo capabilities these days? Idiots.

Anyway, I shoved it in my back pocket once we walked outside and back in we went. I was asked if I had a camera, said no and on I walked. She got right through too. Simple. After that we found a spot to chill and I went back to get Todd.

Once we all got inside we set out to find a good spot to see Danzig Legacy (Danzig, Samhain and Misfits songs with Doyle). We sat through a song or two of the final opening act and then came Danzig. I’ve never been a huge fan of any of his bands but I am most definitely a fan of heavy music, and that he did deliver. Within the first song or two I was in the pit. Big fat bastards, sweaty and meaty sons of guns. Gross. It was like 110 degrees in the theatre but I didn’t care. I was getting some aggression out. It was definitely fun but I got the shit kicked out of me by the heat and a long day of drinking. I was dead by the time Danzig’s set was done. Once Samhain started I took a little break and headed up towards a door. It was nice and cool and after a while I was back down with my buddies, enjoying the music. The Misfits set was definitely the highlight of the whole night though. They sounded great and Doyle was just punishing the guitar. It’s great to get to see a legend like that still having fun out there on stage. After a long break they did a little encore and we thought it was all over but they came back out and did one more Misfits song. Sadly it was not Die, Die My Darling. I’m still perplexed as to why they didn’t play that one. It’s a jammer for sure. Whatever the case, we filed out after that and grabbed a cab home and that ended out first official RiotFest experience.

Crazy. Hot. Heavy. Fun. Can’t wait for next year already.

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