kp ad update and adios design.

Soooo, I get a call shortly after we return to the studio from lunch about the Kustom Persuasion ad. Well, I didn’t recognize the number at first but as soon as answered the phone and heard the guys name I knew what it would be about and that it couldn’t be good. He went on to tell me that he gave Jason the wrong layout size for the ad. Super lame all around. Whatever though. I pushed on. I spent some time reworking the layout and got the new one all set up and ready to go. Check that thing out above.

Also, I’m thinking of starting a new design thing… kind of like a business but really just a name for everything I do. A shell corp. for my creative works. Calling it ADIOS!. Love it. It’s staying for now.

Adios! design, coming soon.

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