chicago jazz fest.

So Nancy and I made our way back downtown again on Sunday to see what was going on at the finale of the Chicago Jazz Festival in Grant Park. Good times were definitely had by all. We set out around 4pm to go downtown to see what was going on that night. We got there and wandered for a little bit and then walked over to Buckingham Fountain. As many times as I’ve been to Chicago I had never been to the fountain. Walked past it once or twice on my way to the museums and such but never got close to it. I decided we should finally go make a visit and check it out. It was pretty nice actually. We sat and people watched for a while and then I took some photos of people and the fountain. Fun times.

After that we made our way over to the main stage/ampitheatre where the Jazz was happening. The other stages were all closed up by that point so we didn’t feel bad about finding seats and not walking around as much. We got there just as one group was finishing up. They sounded pretty good. Sadly I do not remember their name. Although I do remember the next performer. It was Chicago-legend Ira Sullivan. They were really good, of course. First he did a piece or two with his backing band but then he brought out a couple guests. First was Stu Katz and the next was Willie Pickens.

It started getting a bit chilly and neither one of us was really equipped to handle the temperature change so we decided to roll out a bit early. We strolled around the streets for a very short while and then hopped on the Red Line to go back home. I believe the rest of the night was spent eating some dinner, watching Sons of Anarchy or How I Met Your Mother and getting some work done. Hi the jump to see lots more photos from the day.

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