rainy day jazz.

This weekend is the Chicago Jazz Festival in Grant Park. Nancy and I decided to take a trip downtown to spend a nice and simple day listening to some music and taking photos. It didn’t turn out to be that at all. Actually we got downtown, went to a couple of art supply stores, shared a slice of pizza from Rosati’s (it’s huge and delicious) and then made our way to the Jazz fest. We no more than sat our blanket in the grass and then we heard the thunder. That’s not a figurative “Somebody brought the thunder” either. Seriously… thunder from the skies. We debated about leaving but I decided I had to get some photos of the jazziness first.

We wandered, got some pics and then decided to walk it back to the Red line and go home for the day. After all, we had windows open and every time it rains it decides it likes to pour right in through some of our windows. Before we got to the train I spotted Central Camera and had to go in. I figured at the very least we would get a repose from the rain. I wanted to get a hand-strap for the Canon but they were out and then so were we.

The rest of the night was pretty standard. We made some dinner, walked down to a store and tried a beer we had never had (it was only ok, not something we’d get again) and then watched some TV shows on the computer. Fun day for sure. Hit the jump to see some pics from the day, including some more from the Jazz festival and some from around the city.

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2 Responses to “rainy day jazz.”

  1. Tiểu Cá Mắm Says:

    I love Jazz…

  2. Fiona.q Says:

    love your 1st pic, again. lol.

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