so fresh.

Yesterday my blog was featured on the front page of (it’s still there actually). I felt it was pretty cool so I just had to make a note of it. I was really confused at first because I had gotten a ton of emails about comments and likes. Usually I have one person comment, Dave. His comments are good but I didn’t think he drove in traffic like that. I figured it out and then I looked at my stats and they were sky-high. Coolness. Thanks WordPress peoples. Now if only one of these people had a job open for a graphic designer…

Anyway, Nancy and I are going downtown to hit up some of the Jazz Festival for this year. I’m taking the camera so hopefully there will be some good pics uploaded today or tomorrow. It’s kind of cloudy and it’s calling for rain but whatever. Sitting in the park listening to Jazz sounds like a good day to me.

3 Responses to “so fresh.”

  1. purpledaze Says:

    Glad to have landed on your blog! Like your posts. yeah and good thing u got featured on the front page. Keep on posting! =) Yves from bangkok

  2. Alana Says:

    Are you in America?

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