chicago dance fest.

Nancy and I hit up the Chicago Dance Festival this weekend in Millennium Park. Cool stuff. Random ballet groups/duets doing a song and then changing it up with a different dance company. It was a nice day. We just sat along in ampitheatre with a bunch of other people. We really just sat and listened to the music for a while though being people watchers. That’s what we are, though. I guess some may call us creepers. Eh, whatever. Before we got there we had to get some food. Stopped by State St. Pizza (recommended by Todd T.) for a slice and a drink. Good shit right there. $5.50 for a big slice and a drink. I got the sausage and Nancy got the peps. Good deal for sure.

Anyway, hit the jump to see some more photos from our trip around downtown today.



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100 Responses to “chicago dance fest.”

  1. Emad Says:

    Great photos !

  2. HoaiPhai Says:

    Great photos… understated and effective!

  3. fornormalstepfathers Says:

    I miss Chicago!

  4. Mikalee Byerman Says:

    Gorgeous pix — seriously.

    My favorite is your lead photograph. Absolutely stunning…


  5. sandy Says:

    nice wedding pic!

  6. beginswithm Says:

    Mmm, Chicago-style pizza!

  7. tudobeleza Says:

    I want to book a ticket to visit Chi town : )

  8. Eric Says:

    Nice photos. I love Millenium Park… I’m kicking myself for missing out on their free concerts this summer.

  9. thoraaron Says:

    Great wedding shot, nice perspective

  10. chicago dance fest. (via Eddie B’s blog) | osannaboyadgian Says:

    […] chicago dance fest. (via Eddie B’s blog) Posted on September 3, 2011 by osannab Nancy and I hit up the Chicago Dance Festival this weekend in Millennium Park. Cool stuff. Random ballet groups/duets doing a song and then changing it up with a different dance company. It was a nice day. We just sat along in ampitheatre with a bunch of other people. We really just sat and listened to the music for a while though being people watchers. That's what we are, though. I guess some may call us creepers. Eh, whatever. Before we got the … Read More […]

  11. GraceLynneFleming Says:

    great photos

  12. alubo Says:

    WOW! What an amazing experience! Millennium Park is the epicenter for culture in Chicago. I wish I could have been there!!

  13. gaycarboys Says:

    and here’s me with my two left feet and probably two left arms as well. I’m ever so jealous of people can can move like that! Pretty city too!

  14. Tar-Buns Says:

    I miss my lovely Chicago. Enjoyed the pictures.
    Congrats on FP!!! Enjoy the ride 🙂

  15. treithioblog Says:

    These pics are awesome!

  16. juliacastorp Says:

    nice article

  17. Chijioke Osuji Says:

    Really nice.

  18. expatontheblock Says:

    Amazing pics. Never been to Chicago before, your pics made me want to. What a great effect !

  19. Red Toenails Says:

    I’ve been to Chicago once. Loved it. Could see myself moving there.Didn’t know about the dance festival – sounds great. Loved your pics too.

  20. thiet ke noi that dep Says:

    Nice photos. I like them. Maybe i will go to Chicago next week.

  21. Nicole Says:

    Great photography! I especially love the last one of the city. So busy.

  22. thebigbookofdating Says:

    Great shots! (:

  23. Paolo Photographer Says:

    Very good photo!!
    I like very much Chicago. I spent there one week in 2009. I posted a photo of the “bean” on my blog.

  24. bergiepowers Says:

    Beautiful photos!

  25. westwood Says:

    I just love seeing photos of places I’ve been!

  26. Anna Says:

    Awesome images! I especially love the first one.

  27. Alexandra Says:

    amazing. that is all!


  28. fifiiiii Says:

    Love it! The pictures are incredible.
    Check out my blog. I’m new here. x

  29. weloveglitter Says:

    Amazing! I love ballet! 🙂

  30. Patricia DeWit Says:

    I’ve never been to Chicago, and my interest in visiting is growing. Posts and photos like yours that capture the city inside the city help to nudge me closer to making that trip. Well done on the fp!

  31. aydensmama Says:

    Sweet home Chicago… thanks for posting some lovely pics of my home, life sure is different in North Carolina. The Carolina coast is my home now, but my roots are still in the Windy City…

  32. Gail-Tzipporah Saunders Says:

    Chicago is the bomb, and I can’t wait to move back!!! Thnx for posting.

  33. urbangirlstudio Says:

    love the pics, will be in there in 3 weeks, can’t wait.

  34. Matt Says:

    Cool pics! I really wish that society would get over itself and embrace people watching. How else are we supposed to learn about each other? Congrats on getting ‘pressed’!

  35. lucille02 Says:

    wish someday i could visti Chicago

  36. Su d'Orlais Says:

    Outstanding photos! I want to go.

  37. Vinod Says:

    Really Gr8 Article !!

  38. Magical Says:

    Very nice piece of work.. My personal favorite – the first one!

  39. leadinglight Says:

    Nice photos of Chicago.

  40. nomoregluten4me Says:

    Very nice picks, I love the city. Born and raised in Chicago, I miss downtown. My oldest son loves it there.

  41. myfilthyroom Says:

    Nice! You really have an eye for details.

  42. The Dandy Lion Says:

    The first photo is incredible :O

  43. ennospace Says:

    I like ballet!I think it is very beautiful!!

  44. weddinggiftstips Says:

    Great photos !

  45. Lele Says:

    Werry beautiful Photos.

  46. Spiritual Healing Says:

    Great pictures specially firstly one!!

  47. Tiểu Cá Mắm Says:

    Busy city, right? These photos are amazing. I’ve never been to Chicago but you makes me have the dream of visiting it one day.

  48. Fiona.q Says:

    i love the first pic.

  49. offthefrontporch Says:

    I had no idea Chicago had a dance festival like this! And I’m so close! Is it an annual event? I’ll try to hit it up next year.

  50. Marta Says:

    Chicago…hmmmm…kocham taniec!

  51. logosike Says:

    I miss Chicago too!!

  52. Ciara Lewis Says:

    Love the blog and pics are amazing. You make me wish I was there!!!

  53. Zach Says:

    Beautiful post, congrats on the fresh press.

  54. Morgan Cox Says:

    This makes me miss my hometown 😦 I love Millennium Park! My favorite place in the city. The first picture is gorgeous! I can feel the movement.

  55. Avinash Pandey Star News Says:

    Beautiful Pictures. Very well captured! Keep it up.

  56. IweddingDressShop Says:

    Nice post, Great pictures specially firstly one!!

  57. battlepaint Says:

    Just moved to chicago a week ago for school, and its so weird yet nice to see pictures of something that is just 2 blocks from my dorm:)

    Beautiful pictures you have, especially the black in white one of the girl dressed in white.

  58. Henry Says:

    Wow great post, nice design!

  59. hellomimosa Says:

    I just happened to go to Chicago for the first time this past weekend and it was great! My hotel was near Millennium Park, so I got to experience the dance festival and people watch. It’s a great town and I can’t wait to return.

    Great post!

  60. jack Says:

    so marvellous ballet…!

  61. jack Says:

    dancing pose is too good…!

  62. Mark C Says:

    Chicago, Would love to be home again


  63. Rai Says:

    Your pictures are crazy awesome!
    And I’m really jealous you got to go to this event.
    Nothing cool ever happens where I live =(

  64. rakhikankane Says:

    amazing pics 🙂

  65. trialsinfood Says:

    sounds like a good day.

  66. gaycarboys Says:

    Wonderful photos. Thanks so much. I love seeing places that are far away in space but much closer in spirit.

  67. gail Says:

    all I have to say is that all the pics were ok but boring

  68. KAYLA Says:


  69. teenieme Says:

    cool pics

  70. asmoday2 Says:

    Good Job with the photo op, BRAVO BRAVO.

  71. natyboy Says:

    nice pic

  72. kailani018 Says:

    Bravo,Brava awesome photos

  73. emilykaidannek Says:

    Cool. There could be some changes to it but cool.

  74. fairytalenerd333 Says:

    Love the photos! and…….Love Dance!! ❤ xD

  75. jacob0928 Says:


  76. iceconegirl112 Says:

    Awesome! I love dance and have been dancing for 6 years! Love the pics and the post! Keep up the good work!

  77. kittylove10 Says:

    nice pics! ❤

  78. abelincolnsite Says:

    Cool photos. =)

  79. 123blg Says:

    cool pics

  80. monkeyprincessblog Says:

    awesome pics i think it would be awesome to go to Chicago and see a dance feast well when am old enough to any way!!!!!! 😉

  81. chicago dance fest. – fashion & COOKING Says:

    […] Source: chicago dance fest. […]

  82. gamestaionblog Says:

    good pics

  83. naomiloves2writeNaomi Says:


  84. naomiloves2writeNaomi Says:

    Beautiful park!!! And wedding!!

  85. barbieinfosite Says:

    SO prttey

  86. mimibloglife Says:

    Cool! I hope you had fun there

  87. Volcana Shard Says:

    I really like the first picture, it is very interesting

  88. nellieemerson Says:

    its really pretty i love to dance

  89. barbieinfosite Says:

    i just posted go check it out plz

  90. barbieinfosite Says:

    your site is the best

  91. barbieinfosite Says:

    i do gymnastics

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