introducing the vulturous family.

Here is the latest goodie to come out of the EB Design factory. VULTUROUS. It’s been a long time comin’ on this one too. Hit the jump to read more about it, see some sketches and to see the full alphabet.

Vulturous originally started out as a logo for Black Curse. When I decided against using that treatment it basically sat in my “would love to make, but never have time/energy” font purgatory. Then one day I just started sketching out random words with it. Stuff like “Bruce’s Shit!” and “damnit.” Simple things, fun things. But sadly, it came and went again, though for some reason I decided to hold on to a sheet of notepad paper with some samples on it.

I stared at the letters for weeks wondering when I would begin to take this font seriously. I began drawing more of the letters out, experimenting with x-heights, cap heights, ascenders, descenders and character widths. All of this finally came to a head when I finally decided enough was enough and I sat down to draw it out. I think in that first day I established all the basic sizes and scale of the font, along with most of the uppercase and half of the lowercase letters. Then it got tucked away again for a few more weeks.

Not until I moved to Chicago did I really get serious about creating this font. I took a desk at Todd T’s office and got to work digitizing the font. Working in Illustrator I created the basic shapes and then took those into FontLab Studio to do the real work. Here I created everything that was needed to make this font work. Once I got the letterforms all sized up and working correctly I set out to learn about OpenType kerning and how to implement it in FontLab. To my surprise it was actually amazingly easy and intuitive. I had worked with custom ligatures and letter-pairings before but this was all new to me. Now the letters flow and fit together like cogs in a machine.

This font is a total learning process for me. It was really hard to create some of the more curvy characters within such a rigid structure but it was also totally worth it. I have a real fun time creating strange, hard-to-read display type. Hopefully there are many more to come but for now I’m taking a little break from the crazy type stuff.

Click the photo at the top of the post or go to my website to download the font.

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