from the road.

Warning, long & boring post. Read at your own risk.

Long weekend. Real long actually. I spent 3/4 of Friday traveling all over. First I woke up and had to run to catch the L train downtown. After that nonsense I walked to the Metra station where I was probably a whopping 20 minutes too late for an early morning bus out to the ‘burbs. That figures I guess. I sat in the damned Ogilvie station for an hour then boarded the train to Crystal Lake. That took an hour and 20 minutes right there. By now it’s 10:40 and I’m just getting to my uncles to pick up my car. That’s where the real shitiness begins. I had to drive from Crystal Lake, IL (like 60 miles NORTH of Chicago) all the way back to Clyde, OH to drop off the car we don’t really need. Ugh. Long drive. Lots of miles. Really freaking boring. I just tore it up though. I talked to Dave through most of Chicago’s bullshit and then just ripped it up across Indiana. Simple drive, just long as boring. Finally hit Ohio but there’s still 100 miles to go. I just pushed on through and finally made it to Clyde around 5:30 pm.

Recap: Woke up at 6:30am CST, Got to Clyde at 5:30 EST. That’s 10 hours of transportation in a day going just from Illinois to Ohio. Brutal doesn’t really describe it. My ass was killing me from sitting in the combination of train and car seats all day.

Anyway, I hung out at my aunt and uncles house for a bit. Ate a cheesesteak, played some lightning with the kids and then rode the car back to my moms house for, hopefully, the last time. I sat around there the rest of the night, watched some football (ATL @ JAX, not exciting) and eventually Jolly came over and brought me a new addition to my Wacom family. I am now the proud owner of a CIntiq 12WX. Killer shit. More complex than I thought it would be. That’s ok, more on that thing later.

I am now writing this from the bus on my way back to Chicago. Long day already here. Woke up, ripped some videos to watch on the bus (Chimaira XMas 10, awesome) and then headed to Toledo with my mom. She was kind enough to drop me off but sadly we had to sit there for well over an hour because the bus was late. Super late. Like an hour late. Ugh. Whatever.

Damned Ohio. Glad to be done with ya.

Sunday is the Chicago Air and Water Show. Nancy and I are hitting that up. Look forward to some pics.

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