I’ve acquired some new things recently. Real cool things to be exact. Shaun Jolly, a long-time pal from back in Clyde, recently put out an ad on Facebook saying he had his Wacom for sale. I had to jump at it. The thing is pretty badass. Hit the jump to read more about recent acquisitions.

It’s a Cintiq 12WX and it’s the kind where you see what you are drawing on the actual Wacom. Cool shit. Didn’t have to pay much for it either. He had it at a very steep discount and I actually received the thing when I was in Clyde while dropping my car off. Once I finally made it back home after a very long trip to Chicago I finally got a chance to plug it in and figure it all out and I’ve got to say it was well worth it. I did some sketches and whatnot and it’s definitely a cool piece of equipment.

I also got another little thing for Nancy and I when I was in Clyde. I managed to steal a baking sheet from my moms kitchen because we were sorely in need of another one. I think I took the worst one of the bunch though. That’s kind of a bummer.

Also, Chimaira’s latest album “The Age of Hell” was just released last week and it’s a doozy. Real heavy, real groove-based. I dig it. Definitely better than the last record, not to say that “The Infection” was bad, this just has a different feel and I like that. Go pick it up and help an Ohio metal band out. They deserve it.

I think the last new bit of stuff I’ve recently gotten was a place to do some work. Sadly it’s not actual work but it is a desk and a place to go get the things done that need to be done. Todd T. (where I interned) lets me hang around the new office space and use the internet and just work on stuff. I am super grateful. He’s a nice dude and giving me a place to go and work on things is just what I need. It’s motivating. I like getting out and going somewhere, having that sense of purpose. It’s a good feeling. Hopefully someday soon I can say I have an actual job to go to. That would be nice.

Chicago Air and Water Show today. Gonna get lots of pics. I’m sure there will be lots of weirdo people to photograph. Looking forward to sharing.

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