all settled in.

It’s been two weeks now that we’ve been in our apartment. Getting used to living here finally. Finding little things to do here and there. Wandered around Andersonville today with Naners. Found a super inexpensive grocery and picked up some veggies. Tasty. Up above is a few views from our apartment. We aren’t anywhere near downtown but it’s still nice. Someday we will get there. Still have to find that sweet job that pays me a shitload of money. Once that comes we are out of here. Anyway, notice those clouds in the bottom photo? There’s been 2 storms so far. Nothing crazy but we do get a good view of some cool clouds. The first storm produced some really nice lightning too for about 10 minutes. I missed taking photos of it all though. Oh well. Another day I suppose.

I have to take the car back to Ohio this week. Need to get it out of the driveway of my uncle. No reason for it to even be in the state. Don’t use it, don’t want to use it. Damned money pits. That’s all cars are. Hopefully doing that Friday sometime. Probably late. Ugh. Then sitting on a bus from Toledo to Chicago for something like 5-6 hours. Brutal. Just listening to the iPod. Maybe I’ll throw a movie on there.

Whatever the case, busy week coming up. Doing a little bit of work here and there and then I have a font to debut on the blog here. I am in the testing stages of it. Once I get all the spacing and such down I will be making the second part to it and then it will be good to go. Hopefully it will be a smash with all the design nerds out there. I’d love to see it get a good poster treatment some day.

I’ll be posting some videos, or links to them, on the blog this week. It’s not something I do often but I’m feeling nostalgic and I want to scour YouTube for some gems from the past few years. Look out for that starting tomorrow.

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