kick back and watch.

Cleveland OHIO-based Chimaira are coming out this year with a new album. The album will undoubtedly be heavy as hell and it better feature some bitchin’ solos (something lacking from their last effort). Anyway, we finally got some internet hooked up today and this gem was waiting for me in my Google Reader. They released a video for the song “Year of the Snake” and it’s pretty cool. While not the most engaging video I’ve ever seen it is shot in some fun ways and has some cool moments.

If you enjoy heavy music, slow motion instruments/video or just watching random Youtube stuff then click the above image or here: Chimaira: Year of the Snake

One Response to “kick back and watch.”

  1. erica42285 Says:

    Hi Ed,

    I’m not sure if you remember me, but I’m Heather’s cousin. Anyway, I work south of Cleveland, and one of the women I work with has a son who was the original drummer for Chimaira. They still come around and play in her basement once in awhile. I thought it was pretty cool.



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