here and there.

So we’ve officially become Chicago residents. There has been some boring days and some definite crazy ones as well. That photo above is of the apartment complex we live in. In the middle of the photo is a darker section. You can read about that below. Warning: Long post ahead about our time here so far.

The first day was full of moving and taking a car out to the ‘burbs. That was pretty boring except for seeing the two Hell’s Angels riders. Pretty awesome stuff there. Just two dudes being badasses driving along. Nobody messes with em as they drive along the side of the traffic passing semi’s and cars alike.

The second day in the apartment was going smooth. We were just sitting around watching soem Sons of Anarchy when all of a sudden Nancy says “What’s that smell?” We get up and look out the window and there’s some smoke coming from another apartment in our complex. Right as we are looking there is a guy in the courtyard that notices the smoke as well and that’s when that day truly began. He started yelling fire and we grabbed our computers, harddrives and my camera and got out. We sat and watched that apartment eventually become engulfed in flames and the firetrucks started roaring in. I believe five trucks showed up. About 4 hours later we were allowed back into our apartment. There was no smoke damage to our place, there was hardly even a smell in the air but sadly 6 apartments are no longer full. Crazy.

The next couple of days were pretty normal. We got some groceries, my mom came and dropped off my bike, a mattress, a pantry-thing and some other miscellaneous items. That stuff was much needed though. The mattress was such a nice addition to our humble abode. Sleeping on the floor truly sucked those first two nights.

Thursday Nancy and I went downtown and met up with my old boss, Todd. We ate some deuces (eggs, pancakes, etc.) and then went up to his office. I hadn’t seen the new digs yet. It was pretty nice. Much larger. Cool stuff. Hopefully I can do some work in that place soon. On our way back home we figured out the El train system. It was our first time using it and it’s pretty simple stuff. Drops us off by our place too. That’s nice.

Other than all that it’s been pretty quiet for us. Lots of relaxing and watching movies or TV shows. We don’t have an actual TV or cable but we just watch whatever we have on discs or on our harddrives.

We don’t have internet yet either. We have to wait until Thursday for that nonsense. Damned ComCast. I hate you already.

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One Response to “here and there.”

  1. Jacob Roope Says:

    Woooahhh Budddy….Thank goodness no flames came near you! Glad to hear you and Nancy have a place to sleep on and are finally moved in!

    When can Teresa and I stop over?! We can bring some stuff with us from your house or Nancy’s!

    Talk with you soon! Jacob

    Wish you both continued joy in your new place!

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