babies in theaters.

What kind of a parent brings a baby to a packed theater to see the final Harry Potter movie? Seriously. I’m talking about a drooling, shitting, crying, breastfeeding, can’t keep your head up  kind of baby. Who would really bring that into a theater for a 10am showing of a movie that has only been out for a day? I could understand waiting a week or so and seeing it when there are very few people at the movie but doing it while it’s still in it’s peak of popularity… Ugh. This is the kind of things I hate about people. Totally inconsiderate of others. Bringing a baby into a theater is just like hearing people talk or play on their phones throughout the movie. Ridiculous. Luckily they were good about quieting the baby. They tried to get it to go to sleep prior to the movie starting but I have a hard time believing it would have lasted once it started. Also, the movie actually never started and we all had to either see it at a different time or go to the 3D showing of it (we were two of only maybe 10 that opted for the different, later time). At the later time there was maybe 1/4 of the people there and we had great seats and it was a wonderful time.

Anyway, don’t bring babies to theaters. That’s just ridiculous. Maybe a theater should start a day-care kind of program. 10$ per hour that the kid is there. Might be a good thing to look in to. It would allow parents to get out and enjoy those simple pleasures without annoying and ruining the experience for a theater full of other people who aren’t as patient with kids as they might be.

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