album artwork: gerald thome.

I’ve been working pretty hard lately to get the album artwork printed for my grandpa’s CD “One Man & His Guitar.” Lots of long days and nights. Lots of driving to and from Cleveland for test prints and final prints. After that lots of bending, folding and general production work. I recently decided to begin work on his second CD titled “Pickin’ & Grinnin.” Hit the jump for pics of the covers and a little bit of an explanation about each one.

The first album we recorded is called “One Man & His Guitar” and that’s exactly what it is. We set up a portable studio in his garage and did some takes of whatever songs he decided to play. I edited it all down later on and mixed it a little bit with some nice EQ’s and such added. After the CD was beginning to take shape I decided to get started on the cover and other packaging artwork. The sound of the CD is kind of old-school where his voice sounds like an older-style recording. I wanted to reflect that in the imagery that I chose. I took this photo of him standing in his backyard by an abandoned building. I think it has that old-timey country flare that just says “I’m a badass, stay out of my way or I’ll make you weep with my sad country music.” The whole packaging I made was photographic. Lots of big images, full bleeds. Loads of blue. Country and blue seem to just go together well.

With this second album I wanted to take it in a totally different direction, while still keeping it “country.” I used all vector artwork for this packaging. I set a goal for myself to not use any photography in this. I played with a few different ideas and variations before arriving at what you see above. A fairly simple color palette coupled with simple, memorable shapes provides all the imagery across the whole case. The font is also pretty different than most country album artwork. I chose it because it would stand out. It has a fun feel to it and the music inside reflects that feeling. Inside of this packaging are 18 different pick shapes with different icons/glyphs of country music-inspired objects.

Overall it was a pretty fun, though intense, project. Lots of photography, recording and vector creation. I’m really proud of both packages. It’s been a pretty eye-opening experience while recording my grandpa and realizing his skills and being able to work with him to create some awesome memories and bitchin’ CD’s.

I’ll post more photos of the packaging once I get it all printed and completed.

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