recent things.

I’ve begun to suck at updating the blog. Truth is, not much has been going on lately. Playing some guitar and trying to get some projects going. The good news is that I do finally have some stuff to talk about. I recently recorded my grandpa playing the guitar and singing. Good old-time country stuff recorded in a garage at his house. I brought along the computer/gear and created a mobile studio of sorts and we got to business. I came home and edited it all, got it sounding good and now the next step is creating some artwork and possible packaging.

I also want to start working harder on the “Man With No Name” trilogy posters. Those will be coolness. I might even make them into linocuts. That would be pretty sweet.

Some other news is that Dilfest is rapidly approaching and once again I will taking some photos. I’m hoping to have an assistant with me to get some more candid shots while I’m taking event photos. I’m going to try and update here more too. Maybe just work on some photo-based posts. It’s been a while since I’ve done that because I’m mostly putting my pics on the Empty Seats blog. I started that one for the sole purpose of uploading larger photos to and I seem to have abandoned the photo portion of this blog.

Anyway, keep checking in for any updates. Oh yeah, go get Anvil’s new album “Juggernaut of Justice.” It’s a damned good album. Sound a lot like Judas Priest in all the right ways. It’s really good. If you are a fan of metal then you owe it to yourself to pick this up and help a group of good guys while you’re at it.

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