cell pics.

I recently emptied the phone of some photos. Lots are of old stuff, like 2-3 years old. Most are random events or stories. The above photo is of a recliner lit on fire in Kent. The police had broken up a big “riot” kind of situation where a couch was burned on the same street the night before. On our way to the bar a friend noticed some people being loud and carrying it out there. We sat and watched them light it on fire and then the fire dept. slowly came out (they are located only a street away) and they slowly opened the doors, didn’t use lights or speed down the road. They got to the fire, checked it out for a few seconds and used some extinguishers to put it out. They were probably more pissed that they had to waste the fuel getting there. Anyway, check out the pics if ya want.

Breadsticks from a TGI Fridays that looked like a penis.

Shrimp from Bozo’s in Pascagoula, MS. That place was amazing. Huge shrimp, delicious marinade, fresh caught. I want to go back down there right about now.

The Cincinnati Pancake. ‘Nuff said.

Can’t beat these seats. I’ll take more free tickets to Indians games anytime.

Me drag racing the Focus at BJBFTP last year.

Awesome view from an apt. window of a friend in Chicago.

No clue why “The” has quotations around it. Can’t even remember where this was. Should have stolen the menu.

Lots of letters at an antique mall place in Ohio. They wanted some outrageous prices for individual letters.

Probably the most amazing book cover I’ve ever seen. If my design skills ever allow me to make something this amazing then I will feel complete. Little did I know at the time that there is a whole bunch of books like this.

If I could grow my hair to look like this I might actually do it. I definitely don’t have the patience though. The white-trashness would be epic.

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