guitar workstation preview.

Here’s a little project I’ve been working on for the past few days. It’s a big box that holds all my gear and tools to work on guitars. When I began reassembling the Flora guitar I realized I needed a place to set the guitars and to restring them, as well as do any random repairs that may come along. I looked around online and all I could really find was a 250$ molded-plastic container that had what I wanted and doubled as a guitar stand. Well, I’m not a roadie or anything so I didn’t need anything tha advanced. What I came up with was a big wooden box similar to the thing I saw online. My uncle helped me make the box and the container pieces and this is what we have so far. Hit the jump to see what’s inside.

The blue/plaid piece is the workstation. It comes out of the box and is laid on the ground or a table to work on and hold the guitars. It’s made out of a thin peg board that was covered in blue cloth. The plaid section is carpet padding covered in some sweet fabric. I had to make this (and then the whole box) really big because I own a Washburn DIME guitar and the thing is freaking huge. I wanted this board big enough to fit even that gigantic guitar.

Once you remove the workstation this is what you find. It’s got screwdrivers, cables, a tuner, picks, etc. Basically everything you need to work on a guitar. I don’t have a soldering/de-soldering iron yet. I usually just borrow my uncles to do the stuff that needs to be done but once I do get one it will be housed in here as well.

Overall it’s coming along nicely. It still needs sanded and painted but when finished it should be a pretty nice piece. Big, bulky and heavy as shit but worth it in the end.

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