feeling superior.

This past weekend I was in Cleveland visiting Naners and we went to the local Goodwill store to look for frames or something. Upon leaving she decided to have a look at the showcases by the registers and this is where I found this little gem. It’s a Superior Cub toy printing press. I don’t know how to exactly classify this thing. Sure, it’s a small mechanical machine that uses little rubber stamps (instead of wood or metal) to print onto paper but it’s also more functional than just being a toy. Anyway, I’m pumped with it, especially considering I didn’t even know if I could get it to work when I bought it.

Once we got the box home and I started looking at everything I was really excited about getting to use it. Eventually I did a small little test run of some things. It was cool but I didn’t get into it much. Yesterday, once I returned home I decided to put it through a real test. I wanted to make some small cards for a small poster that I designed and my good buddy Dave is printing. I was going to include these little cards with the poster when I sent them out. Nothing special, just a little hand-made treat to go along with a kickass poster.

Up above are a couple of my first attempts. I didn’t really go in order of numbering. I was just picking stuff out of the character selection at random. Whatever I could find first. Anyway, I was starting to feel good about it so I pressed on.

Those are a small sample of the 15 cards I got printed before I ran out of paper. Five of the posters get signed and numbered instead of the included cards. Whatever. It’s all good fun. In the end it’s a fun little toy that could come in handy some day. I just have to find another reason to put it to use.

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