spaced out.

Big lack of things to update with lately. Empty Seats is still going strong but who knows for how long. Winter is making it hard to go and get some decent pics to update with. Also my computer is freaking out lately. Weird sounds. Not good.

Anyway, up above is a picture of my most recent purchase. I traded some old gear for some new-to-me gear. It’s old and used to but whatever. It’s louder and has good enough options for what I’m doing right now. It’s a Behringer head with a Kustom cab. LOUD.

The only design kind of thing I can update with is that Kustom Persuasion is getting shirts printed. That’s cool. Also I’ve created a blog for them. It’s a wordpress blog but we are using it as the website for now. That’s about it. I’m also getting a photo book/small portfolio printed and it should be here this week. I’ll take some pics and throw them up here when it gets here.

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