crybaby mockups.

This recent Dunlop Crybaby project I took on was supposed to come out a bit different when I first envisioned it. I originally wanted a graphic on the side and front of it. I wanted to make it MY signature edition pedal. While it still is my signature pedal I still wanted to show what it could have ended up like. I am still looking at doing some graphics for it but they will have to be put on later. It’s not a big deal, it’s probably better off that way.

Anyway, the original idea was be bright yellow and the theme to be a Killer Bee. Then after thinking about more it I changed it to Killer B. because of the my last name. Kind of a fun way to play it. I worked on a few different bee illustrations, got them looking good and then I even asked my buddies to help out. But then I had dropped the bee stuff and was going to add the old Right Hand of God skull logo to it. I think to do what I really want would be to get the Black Curse vulture-logo imprinted into the footpedal rubber in yellow (similar to how Kirk Hammett’s signature model is) and then get my name on the front. Simple. Effective. That’s what I’m all about. Hit the jump to see some initial digital sketches of what could have been.

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One Response to “crybaby mockups.”

  1. David Wilson Says:

    I think I like the black curse one the most. Nice work.

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