album art, round four.

One of my new favorite album artworks right there. That’s a good one. Clean and dirty, simple yet complex. I like it. Hit the jump for some more goodies that I’ve noticed lately.

The one below reminded me of Alphonse Mucha’s work. It has that flowing and somewhat dreamy quality to it. I don’t especially like the band but love that cover.

I’m always a sucker for these kinds of simple geometric kinds of things. It gives a lot to look through a seemingly simple image.

This has that woodblock/engraving kind of feel. I love that shit. Heavy music has a certain kinship with this handmade imagery. I just feel some dude in a black cloak was in his dark basement whittling away at this thing while listening to enchantments through a 1930’s radio.

This one I just can’t help but laugh at. I love the colors and the crazy looking skeleton. It’s not “funny” but it’s fun for sure. A wonk-eyed skeleton always wins awards in my book.

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