conan: the wsc, part two.

So here it is. In all its glory. Beautiful… truly brings a tear to my eye. Ha! Yeah right, anyway. This is the beast that I created for Naners and yeah it is killer. Above is the front of the slipcase that held all the DVD cases. It uses the same simple and gorgeous blue gradient that is incorporated into everything else. Simple seems to be the key with this project. It was done so quickly but with so much work I decided that the only way to get it done nicely was to go the simple route. I could have messed with textures and such to make it match the design style currently in place with his new show but it just didn’t seem right.

I started the main design of this project with just some vector ideas in my head. As I began working on them I realized it was going to be a LOT of work. First I did some type explorations. After going through various looks I eventually landed at the type that appears below on both the spine and the front cover. This type treatment is also used in the menu systems.

After working on various type styles I began creating those vectors that I was envisioning. It proved to be harder than I had anticipated. I wanted to create graphics that could be used as large images or small icons that held significance with these specific episodes. I watched some clips and did some research and eventually found a bunch that I began to work with. In the end I created 8 total icons. The hair is the main graphic and it’s used on the every aspect of the project while the seven other elements were put to use on each disc cover.

Once each of the basic elements was created in vector form I then began to design the individual disc covers. I went through a few different versions before ending with the simple forms below. I worked in this strange order because the episodes still weren’t done downloading and I needed to get to work on this part of the project so I could have it done in time to work on the menu systems and then burn discs.

Once the disc covers were created I stayed with that simplistic theme and created the slipcase. After all this was done and printed I got to work creating the actual discs. This proved to be an easier task than I thought it might be. I had prepared the menus in Photoshop and then basically exported them into iDVD to create the menus you see below. The text is white and the orange text is the selected “buttons.”

I know I’m probably missing some stuff in my story of creation but it was a long one and I think I’ve covered the basics at least. In the end it was an extremely fun project. I’m actually still in the process of creating the discs because I had to find an outside source to get the episodes. I’m very grateful for all the help I received from that person along the way. He truly made this project possible in the end.

Some nerdy info for ya – Typefaces used are: Gotham Bold, Gotham Book, Gotham Black, Gotham Italic

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