the spot.

Come take a peek at our recently renovated jam spot for Black Curse. It’s dark, dingy, concrete and pretty small but overall a very comfortable place to play.

We can start off with the drum/recording section. The drums were moved across the room into this corner. The little ledge on the right houses the mixer, recorder and receiver to send all the music through. Jason is in control of that little area. Through that door behind the kit lies a bunch of extra drum parts as well as risers and our two keyboards. Sitting on that beautiful 1970’s-orange chair is our “studio” (the Powerbook) and Hesbo’s Ibanez bass. We are still working on getting some wall mounts for instruments.

Jason, our drummer and Kustom Persuasion owner/operator, wanted to show me his real skills…

Next is the bass portion/side of the room. The little half-stack sits on the ground and has a pretty decent sound. This is Hesbo’s portion of the room. It’s pretty clean and simple. Nothing up on the ledges right now other than a vocal monitor. There are a few rugs laid down for her. Behind her rig on the back ledge is the guitar cab. It has real good sound but sadly we don’t have a head unit for it right now.

Next is my side of the room. This ledge houses all the other random stuff. We have our little wooden locker that holds any small things that we rarely use but want to keep around (headphones, picks, cables, mics, etc.). It also has all the extra drums that we sometimes bust out. Another vocal monitor sits on the ledge along with the nice little Tosh vocal setup. That big white box on the left (and in the image above) is a dishwasher. It’s not plugged in or anything but it does make a good storage unit. My amps sit on the ledge on the right just outside of the photo.

This is the basic structure of Black Curse right now. These two house the jam spot and most of the equipment. Good peoples right there. Lots of fun times in this basement.

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